26 October 2007

TU+ First Outdoor Projection Experiment NYC 2007

Hey guys, this is a part of my class project at Parsons, Fall 2007.
I just put it up to show you that we have also done something here in NYC but not so kool as captain Kobored.
The idea is to project the digital counter on the Kinetic Cube and making some kind of spinning challage. Unfortunately, the cube is made of dark metal meterial, so the result of experiment was undesired, meaning unsuccess. :P Check it out anyway.


kob.o.r.e.d said...

yo!man What r u doing dude? Interactive ? anyway Keep going dude.. c u next project ..

klung said...

วัยรุ่นๆๆ สนุกกันใหญ่เลย

biTong said...

pai astor place kun eak na~~