21 September 2007


SERIES NYC other stuffs

Famous John Lennon Apartment - He was shot at this corner of the street
Ipod Summer ad.View at Manhatton Island from New Jersey
SERIES Guggenheim Meseum

New Installation Dancing Floor - unfortunately it is not interactive by human
SERIES 'Kum Par Pan' Brooklyn Bridge
Fountain in central park

Me and my name girl friend (Pare)..... just friend man dont get me worng!


kob.o.r.e.d said...

How's going dude?
NYC made u feel like? long time no see u man!! but I think
you look difference na dude.
I feel anxious about your hair na.
55 miss u man ..

biTong said...

take me there..take me there >,<
i need to go to John's Apartment!!
my super idol ><
i wanna go to Guggenheim..once architect should visit it right?
i wanna go to Brroklyn Bridge on the New Year's eves..!
i thinks it's more cool than Time Square na!!
i wanna be with u in Central Park..
u're cheating me, goin out with that Girl!!
i'll slap on her face when i reach JFK!! pen Girl Fight!!
dun u like it? gagaga!!!

btw,,her name is Prae na
dun forget "āļĢ" cuz Pear means another skinny one..
miss u ><*

Eric said...

hey! i found your site randomly online looking up thai designer.
im adopted thai finishing a graphic design degree in VA.
Just wanted to show some love na
I havent heard much about thai designers your work is very good
i like it a lot! hope you enjoyed nyc
i cant wait to move there in january
take it easy