22 September 2007

Object&Machine Performance in Sydney

My " Loco-Motivation " was build in project object&machine performance [ 2 week ] underneath of performancespace,carrigeworks,sydney,australia.

On behalf of Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, Performance Space is delighted to offer pongpassakorn kulthirathum a place in the Performing Objects and Machines Workshop. Performance Space received many strong applications and after careful consideration, Joey chose eight to build a team of diverse and distinctive young and emerging artists.


TU+ B.O.R.E.D said...

HO! SO KOOL!! 5555+ so good tht u have done the art works man.Big Artist now no need to study anymore wa. but that rollingthing is like big killing machine ..j/k dude
Still being B.O.R.E.D Captain!

biTong said...

hahaha i agree with p'Tu+
that machine looklike some Psycho using type na..hahaha
or it's a machine to hav more fun with...errr'' ...just smth like u saw in AV na''
but hey p'Kob!!
I really luv it,
as i told u..
the idea is so great!
p'kob go inter sood sood...
waitin to c the next cool one na ka..
miss u and p'Jean so much